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Pet food

Pet foodThe feeding of different types of pets varies according to the quality, however they as part of the family are fully entitled to eat well as they depend on good nutrition to be good puppies and have a healthy life.


What are the stages of a dog’s life and what should it eat at each stage?

How to feed your pet correctly?

In past decades, it was customary to feed dogs and cats, for example, with food that we prepared at home and they were very well sustained.

However, these foods, although healthy, were not so rich in vitamins as the puppy or kitten needs other kinds of food supplements to help them grow strong, have a better coat quality etc.

For this reason, there are Super Can products and balls that help the dog to have a healthy and healthy life. better digestion without lacking water, which is a good restorative in the nutritional part, and the animals cannot stop drinking this vital liquid, so necessary for both humans and their pets.