My dog Tulip

Escrito por Mundo Cachorro

For animal lovers, especially dog lovers, and for book lovers, in “My dog Tulip” their interests converge in a perfect, delicate and very attractive union. J. R. Ackerley, author of this work, presents his dog for what she is, no more and no less. It does not try to humanize it, it does not try to give it the feelings of a person, nor is it always able to explain its behavior.

You will find useful information

Thanks to Ackerley’s few scruples, in this book you will learn essential things to understand your pet a little more and be able to put yourself in his place without trying to explain his behavior from your own. The author talks about the animal’s bowel movements, its heat, its daily care and topics that those of us who have dogs at home are concerned about.

But also a good story

Although the subject may not seem interesting right off the bat, Tulip is able to grab you as if she were any other flesh-and-blood character telling us about her life. Through the eyes of his master, the relationship between human and dog is deliciously traced. An enviable bond.