Care Tips

Hazard: Toxic products

It’s like having a baby at home. Every precaution is too little in relation to our pets. For them, too, even their own home can become a very dangerous place. Curiosity may lead the animal to come into contact with highly toxic agents. Reacting in time is essential to save your life. All precautions to avoid such bitter moments. If it has already happened, first of all two words: run to the vet.

Prevent and assist

Keep cleaning products away. If you suspect that your pet has ingested products such as bleach, window cleaners, anti-limescale products, household cleaners, etc., while you are calling the veterinarian, you can help him by giving him water or milk. But do not make the mistake of trying to provoke vomiting, as this would be more harmful to him. These substances cause burns in the mouth, throat, stomach and esophagus. Among the signs that will confirm that they have taken bleach, you will find that your pet refuses food, is sad and may have respiratory problems and even hemorrhages.

If your pet has come into contact with soaps and detergents, the same advice as before, i.e. milk and water. In addition, if eyes and skin were affected, wash the areas with plenty of water.

Do not let your guard down at any time, there are many toxic agents. Beware of sanitary disinfectants, as many pets like to drink from the toilet.

Another apparently harmless product is, for example, mothballs. Air fresheners or silica gel sachets against humidity cause dermal and gastrointestinal irritation.