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Gastric dilatation: How to prevent your puppy from suffering from it?

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If we have dogs, we must take special care of their eating habits, and above all, that they can put aside stress when it comes to “sitting at the table”. Gastric dilatation is a type of indigestion that can cause the death of up to 30 percent of the dogs that suffer it, so it is a delicate problem, to which we must pay close attention to take care of our puppy’s health.

Gastric dilatation is an acute disease that occurs mainly in dogs, and is very common among puppies. It is very serious, and can cost you your life in a matter of just a few hours.

Eating too much or eating too fast, drinking too much with food are some of the habits that can cause gastric dilatation.

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What is gastric dilatation

This disorder is caused by the accumulation of gas, which causes the stomach to dilate to such an extent that the ligaments that hold it in place do not support it and the weight of the spleen, which is attached to the stomach, causes the intestine to turn. The consequences are a collapse of the blood supply. The symptoms are pain and swelling of the abdomen, the animal tries to vomit or expels frothy saliva, and is restless and scratching the floor.

It usually affects large and deep-chested dogs , such as German shepherds, Dobermans, greyhounds.

To prevent your puppy from suffering from this problem, it is necessary to prevent him from eating before going to sleep, before or after exercise. It is also dangerous to fast beforehand if you are going to travel.

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