Do you think it’s cute?

Well, to each his own… that is very clear. Everyone is the owner of finding what he/she thinks is nice. And there’s a little dog that I don’t like so much, but there’s almost a consensus in seeing him as the cutest dog in the world, at least judging by the number of followers he has on Facebook.

The puppy in question is a Pomeranian named Boo, he is 5 years old and we only know that he lives in the United States. The name of the owner is unknown. It all started almost as a joke, when his Facebook profile was created. The incredible thing is that it has achieved 1.8 million contacts, which is a figure that has made several people think.

Among them, the owner, who has been making some profit from his pet. For example, they have just released a book with their photos and adventures (?), with a price of 9 dollars, with which they expect a good collection.

Nice it is, but I don’t love it.