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What you should know about Herbs for Cats

Catnip is a product that you can usually find in the pet store. You can also grow it at home, acquiring the seeds in any nursery. It grows easily in any soil and climate. They are also non-toxic for our cats.

Currently, catnip is given to cats to improve digestion, relax or calm them, as well as to capture their attention. However, this plant does not cause the same effect in all cats, this will depend on the breed and age.

What is catnip

Nepeta cataria is the botanical name given to this type of plant. This herb comes from Europe and contains nepetalactone which is a chemical that attracts 75% of cats. This compound acts in vapor form giving off a minty odor. For our pussies, this odor is similar to the pheromones associated with mating. This is believed to be the apparent reason for this strange attraction.

Scientists have not dedicated themselves to studying the effects that these plants have on our kittens. What can be known is that in some cats this herb produces increased brain activity.

When our kitty inhales the herbs for Cats, they exhibit a series of behaviors described as follows: they shake their heads, chew on the plant, turn their heads, purr and rub their bodies against the plant. This effect has a duration of 5 to 15 minutes. This is why some people relate the herb to the drug as it produces hallucinogenic effects in our cats.

Benefits of other herbs for cats

Many domestic cats tend to nibble on the plants in your house and we often scold them for this action. But what we don’t know is that this behavior is instinctive in cats. Our kittens need an intake of herbs and minerals. There are several types of herbs that cats can consume, such as wheat, barley, canaryseed or oats.

After the grooming sessions that cats normally do, they usually remain in their digestive tract fur. Sometimes the ingestion of hair can cause stomach discomfort. Therefore, they need to ingest certain feedstuffs to help them clean their stomachs.

We have noticed many times that after our cats eat herbs they often vomit. Not to worry, this is a natural process as it helps our kittens to expel the hairballs that were clogging their digestive tract. Some cat herbs may contain laxative properties that help our cats relieve certain digestive problems.

If your cat is not used to go outdoors, it is better to have a cat litter box with cat grass. This prevents your beloved pet from consuming plants that are toxic and prevents it from tearing or damaging your prized plants.

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