What should I feed my dog?

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As is well known, food is a crucial element for the development and health of dogs. It is for this reason that pet owners should be especially careful about the foods they choose, their benefit and possible future impact on the canine.

To give a clear answer to the question of what to feed my dog, the owner should take into consideration the following aspects:


Age is a factor of great importance when choosing the type of food that best suits a dog, because depending on this, the animal will have different nutritional needs that must be covered.

This includes the level of activity and development, a higher or lower requirement of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals or vitamins, the amount of food needed, among other elements that may vary depending on whether the dog is a puppy, an adult or an elderly dog.


Both the size and the special characteristics of a particular breed are of great value when selecting an appropriate food for a dog. Some breeds (including mixed breeds) require specific feeding from the time they are puppies, such as German Shepherds, to ensure that they are in good health.

The size of the dog is also a data that stands out in this point, since the amount, type or specific nutrients in the food are measured according to the size of the animal. Depending on this, the dog may need more or less energy, as well as have a fast or slow metabolism, key details depending on whether the dog is a “toy” (a Chihuahua for example), small, medium, large or giant.

Health problems or special characteristics

The type of food chosen will depend to a great extent on whether the dog has health problems, or possesses a special characteristic, whether due to its breed, genetic problems, external damage (loss of a limb, for example), among others. In these cases it is mandatory to choose the food according to the special needs of the dog, since in cases such as canine diabetes or allergies, it can be fatal to provide a food that is not appropriate for their condition.

The owner should look for foods that provide a balanced diet for the pet, always taking into consideration the aspects mentioned above. For some dogs, commercial foods (feed) designed for their breed and age will be the most advisable, in other cases a homemade food will be a better option.

These last two points will be determined by the nutritional needs and characteristics of the dog, so it is recommended to consult a veterinarian or an expert in canine nutrition.

Always avoid giving them spicy food, mixing feed with homemade food in the same day, giving them leftovers and lack of hydration.


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