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Is it good or bad to sleep with a dog?

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The idea of sharing a bed with a pet, particularly a dog, has generated divided opinions among animal lovers. Some find it comforting and beneficial, while others are concerned about possible drawbacks to sleep quality and hygiene. The reality is that there is no single, definitive answer as to whether it is good or bad to sleep with a dog, as it can vary according to individual circumstances and personal preferences.

Benefits of sleeping with a dog

For many people, the company of their dog in bed provides a sense of security, comfort and warmth. The presence of the animal can have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, which can improve sleep quality. Feeling the dog’s calm breathing and warmth can provide a comforting sensation that helps you fall asleep more easily.

In addition, sleeping with a dog can strengthen the emotional bond between owner and pet. Shared time during the night can be an opportunity to strengthen connection and intimacy, which in turn can increase emotional well-being for both the person and the animal.

Considerations to be taken into account

Despite the perceived benefits, there are certain important considerations to take into account when deciding whether a dog should be allowed to sleep on the bed. One of the key aspects is hygiene. Dogs can bring dirt, dust and possibly parasites into the bedding, which can be a problem for people allergic or sensitive to these factors. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial to mitigate these risks.

Another concern may be the impact on sleep quality. The dog’s nocturnal movements, snoring or the space it occupies can disrupt rest, especially if the animal is restless during the night. In some cases, this can lead to sleep problems or daytime fatigue.


If you decide to share a bed with a dog, there are strategies that can help minimize potential inconveniences. Setting clear boundaries, such as training the dog to stay in a specific area of the bed, can help maintain personal space and reduce interruptions during the night. In addition, maintaining a regular cleaning and grooming routine can help maintain hygiene and reduce health risks.

Ultimately, the decision to allow a dog to sleep on the bed is a personal one and depends on individual preferences, the relationship with the pet and each person’s sleeping needs. For some, the comforting presence of their dog provides emotional benefits that outweigh any potential downside. For others, maintaining a separate sleeping space can be critical to ensuring quality sleep.

The idea is to find a balance between emotional benefits and personal comfort, taking into consideration hygiene, sleep quality and individual preferences.

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