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How to make your cat take a pill

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There will be times during your cat’s life when you will need to give him a pill. This can become complicated, because it is possible that your kitty does not accept willingly to eat something that is not to his liking. However, in this post we give you some tips to make making your cat take a pill more bearable. Take note!

Tips for getting your cat to take a pill

Wrap the tabletSome veterinary pharmacies sell special wrappers for tablets that have an attractive taste for cats. You can use one of these wrappers to hide the pill and make it more appetizing.

Crush the tabletIf it is safe to do so with the medication in question, crush the pill into a powder and mix it with some wet or canned food that your cat likes. Make sure it is well mixed so that it cannot detect the tablet.

Use canned food: Some medications can be mixed directly with canned food. Consult with your veterinarian to make sure this is safe and the best option for the specific medication.

Buy food in the form of candy with a built-in tabletThere are commercial cat treats that have a hidden pill inside. You can try feeding your cat one of these treats and wait for it to swallow it.

Ask someone else for help: If your cat is particularly difficult to medicate, you may need help. One person can hold the cat while you administer the pill. This should be done without violence to avoid stressing your cat. That is, as calmly as possible.


Whenever you need to make your cat take a pill, either to alleviate an illness or to prevent some other ailment, you must make sure that the pill is the right size. That is, that it can be swallowed without problems. In case of very large tablets. you could grind it and mix it with some food of their liking or with some treats or snacks for cats.

Another tip is not to try to force your cat to take the pill. In case you behave rudely with your cat, you could generate a negative reaction. That is, he could directly refuse to ingest anything. If you get angry or lose your temper, it is very likely that your cat will become frightened and will not want to take the pill either. Try to maintain a soft, soothing tone of voice to calm him.

Finally, it is also important to know that cats are often adept at detecting hidden medications in their food and there is a good chance that they will reject them. If your cat does not want to take the pill, you may need a little patience and testing until you find the best way for him. If you follow these tips, you will surely get your cat to take the pill without any problems. In addition, you can also ask your doctor about the best way for your cat to take a pill. Image courtesy of, all rights reserved.