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How to care for a ferret

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Ferrets are creatures that have more and more fans in homes. However, they are still exotic pets that require certain care. If you have decided to adopt a ferret as a pet, you should take into account some recommendations for a healthy and happy life.

Ferret care

It is recommended that ferret pups stay with their mother until at least seven to eight weeks of age. These little animals are very tiny when they are born and have their eyes closed like other mammals. Weaning occurs at approximately six weeks of age.


Ferrets grow rapidly and need a diet with approximately 20% fat and 35% or more protein. In the market there are usually specific foods for these pets, although in some cases you will be able to supply them with food for puppy cats. In any case, it is advisable to find out what type of food they were feeding so as not to make abrupt changes.

A tip is to moisten the food for your ferret a little so that it is a little softer and can eat it more easily. Having a short intestine, ferrets usually eat several times a day. That’s why you should always leave some food in his little saucer. Note that if you use a feeder, it should be able to be attached to the bars of the cage. This will prevent it from tipping over or getting inside.

It is also necessary that they always have fresh water. It may be practical for them to have a bottle with a spout, although putting water in a saucer may also work.


For your ferret to be comfortable, you will need to provide a cage to become his space. Although he may be free to roam around the house, at certain times of the day you will have to place him in his cage.

It is best if the cage has enough space for them to be comfortable inside it. Some cages usually have several levels, but if your pet is still small, it is preferable that you block them to prevent it from falling and hurting itself. On the other hand, the bars must be large enough so that he cannot stick his head out.

In general, it is recommended that the cage have a large door. First, so that your pet can get in quickly. And secondly, to make it easy to clean. It is also preferable that the base be solid and not barred. This will prevent their little legs from getting stuck between the bars.

You should also prepare a bed for your pet. This can be made of towel or some absorbent material. What you should not use in the cage are cat pebbles, because ferrets are capable of ingesting them and getting sick.


Ferrets are very curious and tend to be quite restless as well. That is why it is an excellent idea to place some toys, because stimulation is important for these little animals. You can buy some special toys for these animals in pet stores. For example, you can place hammocks, small caves, sleeping bags, tubes and other objects for your ferret to have fun.

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