Capitan, the dog that lives by his owner’s grave

They have four legs and a lot of fur, but we are convinced that they love and feel just like any human. Or maybe not, maybe many more than many humans. And the story of Capitan is an example of this…


Captain is a dog, no breed, maybe a cross between a German shepherd and another dog; who knows. What is a fact is that this is a dog as big as it is noble.

The first information about Capitan’s history is what his family can tell us. One day, the parents of a little boy decided to make a dog part of his life. And so, Captain arrived to the family, being a gift for the little one of the house.
They became friends, of course. But those who have animals know very well that we don’t choose them, they choose us. And Captain, although he enjoyed playing with the little boy, decided that his caregiver and inseparable friend, would be the father of that child, Miguel. And so it was. A bond was forged between them so strong that it is indestructible.

Years later Miguel passed away. From that moment on, Captain feels very lonely. So much so that not even his family was able to console him…. And the way in which the sad dog has managed to express his deep sadness is to be close to his friend; every day, Captain visits Miguel’s grave, there he lies down on it to ease his pain.

Miguel’s wife says that a few days after her husband’s death, Capitan disappeared from the house. For a while the dog was sleeping in the street, but one day, suddenly, they lost track of him…

Until one day, his wife and son went to visit Miguel’s grave to lay flowers. There, surprisingly, they met Captain. Miguel’s wife says that at that moment
“the dog came up to us barking, crying.”
. They wanted to take him back home, but Captain wanted to stay there, he did not move from the grave.

A week later, the woman and her son returned to the cemetery…. And, yes, the sad Captain was still there. Perhaps he was beginning to assimilate the loss of Miguel, because this time he decided to return home with them. However, assimilating does not mean forgetting; Capitan continues to visit Miguel’s grave every day.

Finally at the beginning of 2018 Captain died safe happy to be reunited with his padrone